Meet Our Team

Dr. Chris Barker

When it comes to health, many people are confused and overwhelmed on how to achieve their goals. New studies report daily results that often conflict with information that came out just weeks ago. Figuring it all out can feel near impossible, which often leads to frustration and eventually giving up all together. “Where do I start”, or “who can I trust” are just a few common questions people nowadays are asking. Hi, I’m Dr. Chris Barker, and I’m here to make weight lose simple for you. I aim to remove all the confusion and mystery surrounding weight loss, so you too can get the results that you both want and deserve.

Being a chiropractor for years, I have treated thousands of people who simply want to lose weight without medications and unwanted side effects. Whether an Olympic athlete, celebrity or working citizen, each person’s body has the amazing ability to heal itself. If you give the body the proper nutrients and remove harmful toxins, you will watch those unwanted pounds melt away and your health come back to life!

Growing up I thought that our family was pretty healthy. We exercised sporadically, ate occasional vegetables and took supplements when “needed”. Like most people though, over the years my family has gone through many trying health issues. It was through these painful times that birthed my passion to discover the key to true abundant health through weight loss.

Dr. Jolene Patterson

Dr. Jolene Patterson grew up in Oxford Michigan and played soccer, volleyball and softball. She’s also coached kids soccer teams. She graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelors degree in health fitness and preventative rehabilitation. There she also played for CMU’s Club soccer team. She then went on to graduate from Palmer College of chiropractic in Port Orange Florida.

She is very passionate about helping people get well through weight loss. Going through this program she lost over 30 pounds and feels better than ever! She is now excited to share this same knowledge and results to others.